Instant Blacklisted Loans Johannesburg

Johannesburg is no doubt a great city to live in especially when it comes to looking for employment and earning a good salary. But, your situation may not always be so perfect due to the fact that you are blacklisted or have bad credit. According to recent studies and results released, majority of South African consumers have some type of financial listing on their credit records. This is a concerning amount of consumers who find it more difficult to find credit from the vast amount of credit providers such as banks and lenders. However, it’s not all negative, this means that consumers don’t find them in need of access to credit. By simply having an adverse listing on your credit record, it will make it a little difficult to access credit from a financial institutions.

The Ideal Credit Products

Bad credit or blacklisted loans are devised as a way to enable blacklisted consumers to access funds when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to from larger mainstream financial institutions. It is there to help you to manage any of life’s unforeseen circumstances and can help you to deal with a situation. Even though every one of us would like to have a few months’ salary saved up to help handle the sudden emergencies, for majority of us it is not a possibility. This is where bad credit and blacklisted loans can be of great value. Luckily, the instant blacklisted loans in Johannesburg are here to help you take advantage of borrowing opportunities available to people who are not on the black lists of the South African credit bureaus. They are fast, simple and easy to get, flexible and affordable and highly useful.

How do you know if you are blacklisted?

If you have missed a payment, or been late on paying an account or credit card, without even realising it, you have a blacklisted cross against your name. Before applying for a loan of any type, you may want to consider checking if you are blacklisted or have a less than perfect credit score. Phone a credit bureau and ask for a copy of your credit record, you are entitled to know your status. The National Credit Act allows you to one free credit report a year. If you want another report within the same year, you will be asked to pay an admin fee.

Here is some positive motivation: according to credit bureau, of those consumers who challenge their impaired credit status, up to 70 percent end up with that adverse listing being removed.

But less than one percent of consumers check their credit report annually, despite the free offer and the fact that they are likely to have unjustified “blacklisting” on their record.

If you are blacklisted or have bad credit scoring, you are still able to apply for a loan in Johannesburg, the processes are quite simple, and there are many options to make use of.

What is the Process

The instant loan application is quick, easy and paperless. Due to unique business models, no background checks are done and loans can be approved even if you are blacklisted. The ethical processes are completely transparent and involve no hidden costs or nasty surprises (for most Johannesburg instant lender – take note of the special terms and conditions before signing the dotted line.)

Make an appointment to complete the application, or complete the applications online. An employee from the instant loan company in Johannesburg will contact you with the outcome of your application within about an hour of the application. The whole process is paperless and very quick, so there is no paper work to complete. The full application process takes about 30 minutes to an hour at the most.

If you need to put down security or asset to secure your loan, the loan company will quickly assess the asset(s) that you put up as collateral to determine the loan amount you may qualify for. Within minutes, the size of the loan is calculated from the value of your vehicle, bike or motor sport vehicles. Based on the assessment, we will loan you up to a percentage of the asset’s value.

The repayment options on your instant blacklisted loan can vary over the time period you can afford to repay it. You can either repay the full loan amount or service the monthly interest and charges which will be explained to you.  If there is security of an asset involved in the loan agreement, you will receive the security item back once your loan is paid in full on the agreed terms of the lender.


The lenders offering instant blacklisted loans Johannesburg will always take into account your credit worthiness just like all banks which provide products for private individuals. This is how they determine the interest rate. However, the fact that you are blacklisted will not lead to automatic rejection. Quite the opposite, this will enable you to qualify. Even though the interest rate will not be as low as the one for someone who has perfect credit record, you can still get a super affordable loan. You simply need to shop around and compare different products. This way, you will get the lowest possible interest rates.


Another superb benefit of the instant blacklisted loans Johannesburg is that they are super flexible. You can borrow as little as R300 and possibly even less or as much as thousands of rands and more without collateral. You can choose any amount depending on your needs.

You can select the term of the loan as per your needs too. A shorter term will make the loan cheaper. A longer one, on the other hand, will make the monthly instalments smaller and therefore more affordable.

You can have flexibility when it comes to the loan repayments too. Virtually all lenders will be more than flexible and able to extend the term of your loan if you have difficulties with repaying it. This way, your monthly instalments will become even less.


You can get unsecured personal loans if you are blacklisted in Johannesburg. They are also affordable loans in this category. Secured loans include but are not limited to home loans and debt consolidation loans and ore options that can be discussed with you. There is a product for every need and every individual. If you need a loan and money urgently for whatever reason, and have a poor credit history, a blacklisted loan is the perfect solution for you. The money will be paid out to you a lot faster than in the case of most other types of loans. That is just what you are looking for if you need money urgently in a short period of time, there is a solution.

The instant blacklisted loans Johannesburg can help you manage your cash, pay urgent bills and even buy a home. Use them to live a better life.